DiversiFoam Products, started in 1966, was built upon a foundation of integrity, quality and innovation; these principles form the framework for our future growth.


DiversiFoam Products manufactures CertiFoam extruded polystyrene (XPS), RayLite expanded polystyrene (EPS) and fabricates polyisocyanurate billets. These products are used in a variety of applications within the construction industry, both new and remodel. Some of these applications include wall, roof, foundation & underslab insulation, tapered insulation for positive slope to drain, insulated concrete forms (ICFs), sheathing, Geofoam lightweight fill, dock floatation and decorative shapes for EIFS.

These products are also used in a wide variety of applications for the packaging and OEM markets including insulated garage door panels, thermal protection, protective packaging, tank insulation and void filler. By offering custom CNC fabricating and shape molding capabilities, DiversiFoam Products can help you create the best product for your project. Our engineering department utilizes the latest design and manufacturing programs to assist you in creating the best solution for your application.

RayLite EPS is manufactured in a variety of densities offering the best cost per R-value. CertiFoam XPS offers higher R-value per inch, higher compressive strength with less moisture absorption. Rigid polyisocyanurate offers slightly higher R-value per inch, higher use temperature and is available in higher densities that provide higher compressive strength.

DiversiFoam Products is an industry leader with a strong commitment to outstanding customer service, engineering excellence and quality made products. We operates two plants in Rockford, MN and one in Mendota, IL. The corporate office is in Rockford, Minnesota.