DiversiFoam Products manufactures CertiFoam extruded polystyrene (XPS) and RayLite expanded polystyrene (EPS) products for a wide variety of applications for the insulation, residential or commercial building and general construction markets.

From tapered roof insulation systems to interior or exterior wall insulation to underslab insulation to Geofoam lightweight fill, we have the right product to give your project the best long term results. As the only manufacturer of both XPS (since 1982) and EPS (since 1966) rigid foam products in North America, DiversiFoam Products keeps your project needs front and center when recommending a particular product for your application. In addition to CertiFoam XPS and RayLite EPS, DiversiFoam Products also manufactures A-ONE insulated concrete forms (ICFs) that offer significant benefits in energy savings, comfort and safety.


Residential Applications

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Commercial Applications

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CertiFoam is available in a variety of sizes and compression strengths to fit your application. With its consistent closed cell structure, skin surface, long term stable R value, and solid physical properties, CertiFoam helps you save energy and adds strength to your application.


RayLite is available in a wide variety of densities, sizes and shapes that make it one of the most flexible products in the market today. Along with long term stable R value, RayLite offers the best “bang for the buck” when it comes to insulating value.

Raylite Geofoam

Lightweight, rigid polystyrene Geofoam has been used throughout the world to build elevation without weight for over 45 years. From large highway projects requiring thousands of cubic yards of RayLite Geofoam, to building rehabilitation projects requiring custom fabricated Geofoam for accessibility ramps, RayLite Geofoam gets the job done at 1/100 the weight of sand. RayLite EPS Geofoam is manufactured to meet ASTM D6817 Standard Specification for Rigid Cellular Polystyrene Geofoam. ASTM D6817 has numerous product types available giving the engineer or architect flexibility when designing specific project requirements.


A-ONE insulated concrete form system (ICFs) is a recent addition to DiversiFoam’s product line. Because of multiple insulation layers and solid concrete wall, ICFs are one of the strongest, most energy efficient wall systems available today for commercial and residential construction. With the widest and thickest tie, A-ONE offers significant benefits when compared to other ICFs on the market. For additional information www.aoneform.com


CertiStud is our CertiFoam XPS with a plywood furring stud 16” or 24” on center that helps you maintain continuous insulation by eliminating the thermal short steel or wood studs allow. Generally used for wall applications, it is also available with treated furring studs for exterior ground contact.


StyroStud is an economical option with our RayLite EPS utilizing the same plywood furring strips as CertiStud.


R-Tite is the economical one step solution to insulate and seal the gap between sill plates and foundation walls. R-Tite can also be used around windows and doors or other areas that need gaps filled to prevent air infiltration.


Backerboard is available Custom Fit to match any siding profile or in standard profiles. Manufactured from RayLite EPS, Backerboard adds increased impact resistance and insulation value to your siding installation.

Masonry Fill / StyroPour

Masonry Fill & StyroPour are pourable fill insulations used in block masonry walls to add insulation value to the wall. Masonry Fill is made from virgin RayLite EPS expanded beads. StyroPour is 100% recycled RayLite EPS.

CertiVent / StyroVent:

CertiVent extruded and StyroVent expanded polystyrene ventilation chutes allow air to flow freely from soffit to attic to help reduce ice buildup in the winter and heat gain in the summer. Both are available for 16” or 24” o.c. framing.